Friday, January 11, 2008

Walking On My Usual Sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine like whoah!

So...Hectril visited me in the office last night, right after he got off from work. He stayed here with me for hours, we talked, we hold hands, we hugged each other and we kissed. We didn't really care if there were people who saw us flirting. Most of all times.. I just want to cuddle and be girly when I'm with him.

Hmm.. I want a new hair cut.. I want it shorter but parts of me want to keep my hair long. I also want to get the highlights back if I can. It will make me look younger again hahaha. I swear to God, people always assume I'm about 19 or 20 all the time. Then they would see me drinking too much and get all freaked out, and ask. It's gotten to the point where i'd rather be rude than nice when asked. Hahaha.

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