Friday, March 28, 2008

I Hate People Taking Advantage Of My Helpfulness

I am a grown woman and i am tired of people thinking they can step on me - they cannot!

If i contribute equally to something and someone tries to overpower me in my own damn world... it's just ri-god-damn-diculous. I am a nice person and that is uncalled for. Well, I'm nice if they're nice to me. What pisses me off is.. I helped this person when closing the deal. I could have taken that sh*t! That's like spoon feeding already! This person could have realized that. And blaming me for not getting all the info and interrupting me while I was in the middle of closing my own damn deal in a sea of "mine mine mine bug it and die"?

If I could roll my eyes anymore I'd be a character in "Clueless".

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