Monday, February 02, 2009

Everyone is Entitled To Their Own Opinion

I just got someone flamed in one of the forums I'm a member of. He started a thread based on his jealousy over sellers with high sales whose styles he hates. So what happened to the "Thou Shalt Love everyone's Work" status quo?. The irony of it all was funny and entertaining. In it's intended context online, is anything ever taken properly? I don't think so. He expressed his opinion, I expressed my own opinions too. But it seems like he took that negatively. Hah! Why start a thread in a forum if you are not open with other people's thoughts and opinions?

Even if it annoys the hell out of me, I would still give my opinion around here or anywhere else, for that matter. I still think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, unless their opinion is wrong.


  1. helo...was here for blogwalking, i hope we can make a here....

  2. Hi Marie, you are very right. Your story reminds me of a recent chaos that went on one of the forum that I am a member. They ended up banned. :)

  3. I agree with you.. We are all entitled with our own opinion.. It may be wrong or it may be right, it's our own opinion and it should be respected..

    Anyway, I have something special for you.. I am giving you an award.. Click here for more details..