Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Night With My BFF

Last night was uber fun with my BFF. We went out to have dinner at Afrique's @ The Avenue, Smallville, Iloilo. At first they wanted to dine at Crave Burger, but since I wanted to eat good pizza and carbonara, I forced them to eat at Afrique's.. and so we did. :D

After the wonderful dinner, I dragged them along with me to Nothing But Desserts, and again..forced them to eat ice cream (Gelato). It was too early to go home, so I suggested that we should go clubbing. We went to MO2 Ice, since they haven't been there yet. My legs and feet are sore for too much dancing hehehe.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

We went home past 3 am, but was not able to sleep right away. Instead, I went online to check my email and chat a little. I slept around 6 am, then got up at 8 am and went to school to pass the final output for our business plan proposal. Right now I feel sleepy.. so I guess I'm gonna take a nap just about now.

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