Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantastic Weekend

I had a great weekend! On Saturday, Hec and I went to Manila to meet up with his mom and sister at SM Megamall. We then had lunch at Orchard Road, the meal was delicious and I so love the Teh Tarik drink (tea and condensed milk).

After lunch, we browse around the mall. They shop for stuff at Forever 21 then we went to Starbucks at The Podium since Hec's mom had a meeting there. Hec, his sister and I went around The Podium to look around to kill time, 'til we decided to go back to Starbucks and had coffee.

Since we had to go back to Pampanga in the evening, we have decided to have an early dinner. But before that, we had to stop by at his sister's apartment to drop off their mom's stuff. We had dinner at Zuni, where I enjoyed my Norweigan Salmon with Mustard Beurre Blanc sauce. Hec had the same food, but his was with Lemon Butter sauce. It tasted really good!

After dinner we stopped by Zara at Greenbelt 5. Hec's mom bought me a Leopard print flats! I was surprised, thankful and happy.. and I so love it. Animal print shoes are love!

We had our final stop at Gellatisimo for dessert.

Wished we could have stayed longer in Manila, but we have to catch the bus going back to Pampanga before 10 pm, since Hec had to work the next day. In spite of the short time, Hec and I enjoyed being with them. Wished we could have stayed longer.

Sunday, Hec and I met up with his friend at Starbucks, Pampanga. Had a lil chit chat but we didn't stay longer since we had a movie to watch by 7pm. We watched Priest by the way. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't good. I find it boring and stupendously dull.

So that was my weekend. Looking forward for some more fun next week. :)

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