Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Summer 2011

I haven't been updating this blog lately. I admit, I have been procrastinating. But I do hope to update often as much as I can.

Summer is almost over, but I never let summer pass by without having fun. Week before the Holy Week, I went to Boracay to meet some friends. That was first time I went to Boracay alone, so I took a 5 hour bus ride going there. I stayed there for 3 days and had to go back home since I have work. In spite of the short time vacay, I had fun! Even though i have been here before, it's always a great place to visit during summer.

We stayed at Fridays Boracay, courtesy of Amor who happens to be Joy's friend. I didn't spend even a single cent during my stay there. The food and accommodation was totally free. Thanks to Joy and to the Cooper's.

So here's a few photos from Boracay. Enjoy!

Boracay Fire dance

So, week after my beach vacay, I went to Pampanga to visit the bf. For how long? Indefinite. Oh just kidding. I'm staying here with him a little bit longer. We just have some good trips to do. :)

More photos soon!

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