Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Weekend Fun

The long weekend is over. And this is how it consisted:

Saturday: Caught up with my friend, Joy. We watched a movie and talked about a lot of things. :)

Sunday: On Friday, Tita April mentioned she wanted to go to Leganes flea market to scour for used stuff, or as we call it "ukay-ukay". We scheduled to go there on Sunday. So she had me and Frau fetched from his driver and went to her house for breakfast.

"Early bird catches the worm". True. We arrived there around 7 AM, that's why we've found good stuff. the ones I've got are really in a good condition, and some.. haven't been used at all.

After the ukay-ukay, we went to the mall for lunch and we watched a movie. But I had to leave right after the movie to meet some friends.

Below are my friends from Savant

I've decided to stay home on Monday and watched some movies and got more sleep. I needed it.

Tuesday: Met Aireen for some important stuff. we went to G-10 to carwash and stayed at Griller's for dinner.

Thank you, holiday. :)

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