Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Weekend

I've spent my weekend watching movies with friends. It just so happen that I had so much free time and my friends were available for movie dates.

I have been a big fan of Step Up movies, and Step Up Revolution is good. All the dance performances and the mobs were impressive, though the story line is not that huge but we all know it's not the story line we're after for any Step Up movies, right? It's the dance moves! :D

The Bourne Legacy is action packed. It's a slow start on the first hour of the movie and I only got excited when Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz teamed up. This is a really great movie for fans of Bourne. I mean, if you have watched all the Bourne franchises prior to The Bourne Legacy, then you'd know what I mean.

I love Merida, her red curly hair and her Scottish accent too! I really enjoyed the fairy tale feel of the film,  though the plot is predictable, but I'm not complaining 'cause this movie is mainly for kids and you can't expect kids to watch this having a lot of twist development, right?

So, that's how my weekend went. Hope everyone's weekend went well too. :)

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