Monday, March 02, 2009

Into the Lazy Phase

I missed my appointment with an optometrist because I woke up late, lol. So I just stayed home and daddled around the world wide web, and talked with my boyfriend as well.

I've been so lazy lately. I think it's the fact that I have 2 days off in a week, that's Monday-Tuesday, and having an internet connection that sucks so I never get anything done. lol. I just don't feel like doing anything productive today ehehehe. I guess I just need a little span of time where I don't do anything, otherwise I begin to crave it to the point where I can think of nothing else. Sometimes I deserve some time doing nothing hahaha. This way, when I get bored enough that I have to do something I will not want to stop.

Anyway, my birthday is in 17 days. I just want to spend it with my family and close friends. I just hope my boyfriend is coming home for my birthday. :p *fingers crossed*.


  1. MARIE,

    How could you forget the appointment. You capitalized optometrist remember? Ha! Hey, you got some extra sleep though. That's cool. (=-

    Yes, we know your birthday is approaching. Whatcha want? Well, besides seeing your honey bunch of course. Add more things to your Amazon wish list. Sorry, but I can't quite pull off that ridiculously expensive camera body. Haha! That's a wish alright. (=-

    Have a super day MARIE.

  2. I know haha! I was not able to get up early in the morning. my alarm clock didn't do it's job well, haha!

    Yeah, I'm kinda excited for my birthday. And I'm not really sure if my bf is coming home on my birthday.. so whatever. :D

    Yeah..that digital camera body is really expensive..but my sister sent me one already, though it's not brand new but it looks ok, he got one from eBay, it's cheap because it's from China hehe!. Also, my bestfriend mailed me the LOST DVDs (Seasons 1,2,3,4 and 5). So i think I'm gonna delete them from my list. I just wish for a cheap notebook computer, or a mini notebook. I just added one on my wishlist. Hah! So I think I'm gonna save my money for that. It's really hard to be broke haha! Oh well... :D