Monday, July 13, 2009

Funday Sunday

Yesterday is a Sunday, yet it's not as sunny as its name says it is. The sky was gloomy and been pouring hard rain non-stop. I went to my former workplace to check on something important. Then I met with some of my friends there who were excited to see me. They say they miss how talkative, "maldita", and how bitchy I was at work. Honestly speaking, I am a very frank person.. if I don't like you, I will tell that directly to your face. I don't talk behind people's back. Even if I am like that, they still appreciate me as a true individual towards them.

Here is me, leaving the office:

So, friends and I went to eat at Shakey's. We forgot to take photos because we were busy talking. We tell jokess, having fun and laughing like kids. We also planned of a little gathering probably next month. After eating, four of them left. my gay friend and I went strolling in the mall, then I bought some accessories at Mags.

We passed by the foodcourt and saw the Nescafe booth giving free coffee, introducing their four new ways to a healthier lifestyle coffees. Coffee addict as I am, I drag my friend to take advantage of the free stuff, lol. After all, it has been raining hard and it's cold.

Registering to take advantage of the free coffee, massage, cookies and play the virtual game.

Big? LOL!

Almost half.

Texting bf while waiting for another cup of coffee.

That's the highlight of my Sunday.
Next weekend, I will be meeting my friends in college. So that's something to look up to.

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