Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Caution: Long post ahead.

I have been in a Christmas mood since the first day of December. Since then, I started getting gifts for my family and friends. I even bought presents for the last minute yesterday because I forgot to buy two of my godchildren their presents. I could say that Christmas shopping was getting to the best of me, though this Christmas rush makes me cracky. But I am not complaining.

The holidays really mean a lot to me and my family, though I see some people who think that the holidays mean "a lot of things" to them. They are kind of like superficial about the whole Christmas deal. BUT of course, there are also those who really feel it and get it from the heart.

So anyways, back to my Christmas; I have been excited about it since last month knowing that the bf is coming home. There were changes of plans and schedules of his homecoming due to some uncontrollable circumstances, but good thing he went home for Christmas.

December 23rd

So, bf arrived in Iloilo from Pampanga at 8:55pm. I fetched him at the Airport and went straight to their house for dinner. It was actually a celebration of his birthday, his homecoming and friends' Christmas party. His close friends were already there waiting for his arrival, and his mom welcomed us with warm hugs and kisses. we put our stuff inside first and went out to his friends. We had fun talking since his (some) friends are already my friends back then. Bf's mom then lead the prayer to start off dinner. After eating, we did the exchanged of gifts (per family, Hec and I was counted as one) - we got an electric kettle! And he gave it to me 'cause he knew I need it more than he does since I drink a lot of coffee. After the exchanged gifts, they (friends) opened up boozes, pulled out a case of beer, wines and rhum. As much as I wanted to drink, bf warned me not to. LOL! He told me that since the girls of his friends are not drinking, I should not drink too. LOL! How unfair was that? Anyways, I did not complain since I got myself busy talking with the girls...Caren, Val, and Vema. Then as the conversation went deep down to being future moms (Caren and Val are both one month preggers) Vema and I went like "We cannot relate" in a joking manner. Then later we sat by the boys' table and I couldn't help it but drank some wine and rhum. Eventually the girls joined in as well for a fun talk. It was already 2am (24th) when they left. I had to stay at bf's house for a sleepover.

Here are the photos on Dec. 23:

December 24

Hec woke me up around 8 am for breakfast, but I could hardly open up my eyes and lazy to get up as I was still sleepy, but I had too. So, Hec, his mom, his sister (btw, we were grade school classmates in Assumption), and his brother sat and talk over breakfast. So right there and then, his mom asked us about our plans, if I could stay in Pampanga maybe for good. Well, we replied that we will have to talk about it, but try not to be compulsive with planning. We assured her and ourselves as well that we will do it one at a time. So, after lunch, went to the mall for a little stroll, and went on our separate ways around the mall since each one of us has something to buy, while Hec was about to see his kids, who happened to be at the mall that day as well. Then the five of us met up at Yellow Cab for lunch.

While we were eating, his sister was complaning of the rashes all over her arms, neck and parts of her face. Then her mom said to have it checked to the nearest doc/clinic. I suggested that we could have it check at Iloilo Doctor's clinic at the ground level of the mall, and see if my cousin was there. Unfortunately, there were no doctors available that day. So we decided to head off St. Paul's Hospital for the check up. We stayed there for like 2 hours waiting for the result, but I had to go home since I have to help prepare stuff at home for mom's surprise birthday celeb on Christmas day. It has been 4pm already when bf texted that they are still the hospital waiting for the results. It was past 5pm when he said that the results came in and it was dengue. But he said his sister wanted to take a second test the next day. After the second test, it was still the same result so, they admitted her to the hospital right away.

December 25

My siblings and I prepared a surprise party for my mom on her Christmas birthday. So after we came back home from church for the 11pm (December 24 mass) and ended at 12 midnight (December 25), we went home straight and took out everything for our surprise. We had to wake up our mom just to surprise her. She really really had no idea we prepared for this. She has not seen any food, and some stuff days before her birthday because my siblings and I were good at hiding them. We put the food and cake in our refrigerator and labeled them as our neighbors' food. My mom is already 61 years old, and she was happily surprised that day. The celebration continued the whole day at home, but I had to leave the house before lunch time to meet some of my friends and godchildren for their presents.

After meeting my friends, Hec and I met up.. just right after he met with his kids, then we went to the hospital to visit her sister who was admitted for possible dengue. I stayed there for a while and had a chit chat with his mom as well. But I had to leave before 8pm since there was still an ongoing party for mom.

December 26

Hec is going back to Pampanga, unfortunately, he had to go back to work. The holidays is over. :( sad. So later in the afternoon, I have to go with bringing him to the airport. We always wished that he could extend his vacay until New Year but the company is not allowing him. But that is ok because I will be visiting him next year.

That was my holidays so far. for the upcoming days, there are events and family Christmas Party (mom's side) that i will be attending to. And so 'tis the season to gain weight! LOL! Christmas 2010 has been awesome to have celebrated it family, bf, and friends. Sadly, it has to come to an end. aww :(

But I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did!

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